The Inflammatory-Fibrosis Axis in Adverse LV Remodeling: translating mechanisms into new diagnostics and therapeutics

This network assembles a team of exemplary investigators with complementary expertise across basic and translational disciplines who have made fundamental discoveries regarding inflammation and fibrosis in the heart. By combining our respective perspectives, visions, and expertise we have developed and integrated a synergistic strategy to investigate the inflammatory-fibrotic response to myocardial injury and how it contributes to adverse LV remodeling. We believe that this approach will drive the generation and implementation of innovative diagnostics and therapeutics that will ultimately impact patient care. Moreover, the network will train a multi-disciplinary workforce to advance and apply this science and lay the foundation for future training programs in immuno-cardiology. These outcomes will advance the mission of the Leducq Foundation to “improve human health through international efforts to combat cardiovascular disease and stroke”.

This research is supported by a grant from the Leducq Foundation.